Friday, February 25, 2011

California and Sunshine???

I have had one of the best short vacations ever!  This morning I get to get my visa at the Consul's Office.  I am not a huge fan of most taxi drivers...getting in a car with a strange guy seems like a bad idea so when there is a taxi driver who doesn't creep me out I will get their name and call them when I need a ride.  I found one yesterday and had him take me to get my visa.  When we were leaving he asked me if I wanted to take the freeway back of the streets, I said street thinking he was just going to show me some of Korean Town...  He drove me all the way to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Bel Air, and then back to my hotel!!!  It was amazing!  Beverly Hills is like a whole different world!
I had to take a picture of the Jimmy Choo store!

So you can't read it, but the sign says Rodeo Dr.

Sunset Blvd!!!!

After this tour I decided to head to Santa Monica to spend the afternoon.  A cold front blew in so it wasn't ideal weather, but I had to go and do this thing, because it sounded so crazy and exciting!!!  What could this be?  TRAPEZE!!!!  That's right I went to trapeze school right on the pier, everytime I was hanging upside down I saw the beach!  I learned a knee hold and a back flip off!  It was one of the most fun things I have ever done!  Unfortunately it started raining so the class was cut short, but I am so glad I did it!  

Swinging upside down for an hour can make you pretty darn hungry so I went to Wolfgang Puck and ate some of the most delicious salmon ever!  It felt so good to just sit down for a while also!  



Now its time to pack my bags again and get ready for the next part of my journey...KOREA!!!!  My flight leaves at 11:20 tomorrow, it still doesn't seem real.  That could be because I am in denial about the 13 hour flight!  If only there were treadmills on planes, I really think that could work well!  Totally willing to sleep on a tredmill instead of a cramped airplane seat if it meant being able to move durning the flight!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Adventure Begins!

My life condensed into two very heavy suitcases and two oversized carry on bags!
I saw on another blog how a person took a picture for everyday of the year to remember everything that happens in a year.  I really want to do that, especially since I am going to Korea!  
Today I got into LAX, went to the consulate's office and have been watching TLC since noon!!!!  Needless to say this has been one of the smoothest trips EVER!  So I am going to keep watching TLC because I have very sad TLC in Korea!
Look for my post tomorrow, it will be more interesting than TLC I can promise that!  It may have something to do with a beach...