Monday, January 16, 2012

After the Christmas Party we felt so happy and so exhausted.  No way was I about to post a picture of how we looked...but I figured this picture just about sums it up.  We spent the next couple days in hibernation.  
 We spent Christmas Eve skiing and I think the fresh air did us some good because we were both up early on Christmas Day to call our families and open some presents!

I think the best way to welcome in a new year is by ending the old one on a good note.  So we made a wonderful healthy pizza, thats right whole wheat crust and lots of veggies!
Some yummy and very refreshing cranberry apple lime juice.
And took a nice hike up the trail behind our house!  7 months pregnant and still going strong!

I love the view from our living room window when it snows!  Well except the garden that I should have taken better care of before the snow....oops
Ahhh 2011 was a great year!  So many changes in our family, we moved to Korea, found out we are going to have a baby boy, Paul learned to cook, and I learned how to ski (yes these last two are very important!!!!), just to name a few.  But now on to 2012!!!!!!  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.  We can't wait to hold Asher, obviously that is at the top of our "What We Are Excited For In 2012" list.  We have started planning our trip to Thailand, I can't wait to be at the beach again!  In preparation for Thailand I have planned baby swimming lessons for Asher.  If you have never seen babies swim it is amazing!    
As you can tell Paul is determined to improve his golf swing this year...he isn't letting the snow stop him!  We went to play screen golf for his birthday.  I thought it would be easier than real golf...I thought wrong, turns out I just liked putting here too.  But, at least with screen golf they bring juice and water to drink while you play (or don't play, as I quickly let Paul take over for me) and there is a couch to sit on and watch.  So as a spectator, and designated putter person, I much prefer this form of golf!     
I guess I should start with an update about how our Christmas Party was wonderful!  Seriously, I think it is one of the best Christmas memories I have.  The best part was having everyone over who was helping the night before.  Let me tell you they peeled more apples and potatoes than I have ever seen peeled!  The guys who came out to help had the best attitudes.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.  Seeing a bunch of guys (who barley knew how to peel potatoes when we started) attempt to bake an apple pie was the highlight of my Christmas.  There are some very loyal soldiers out there too, because when they heard that one of the apple pies was baked by Mr. Rob they all had to have a slice!  
Yep those bags are full of potatoes, apples, along with other ingredients for the party...and this is only half of what we had!

This lovely lady was a life saver!  She hemmed all of my table cloths in about 15 minutes!  I am sure going to miss Korea when we have to leave
One of the centerpieces, those pine branches and pine cones are real.  That's right not only did the guys have to peel potatoes, I sent them off into the forest to collect greenery for the tables.  The room smelled divine!
The tables are all set up and ready!  We had 3 rows of tables like this and a few couches, when it came time to eat every chair was full!      
I ended up baking over 150 cookies!  Some went to the mailroom, and the rest are all packaged to hand out to the soldiers. 
I love this picture, after weeks of planning, cooking, making decorations, it all came together.  To see the guys serving and giving their time to their soldiers meant so much.  I think this is our new Christmas tradition.  From now on, we are going to try and give back in one way or another.  Not only is it more fun than simply opening a Christmas present and then forgetting about it in a couple weeks, but other people benefit as well.  I also want Asher to learn to put others before himself.  It would make me happier than anyone could ever know for him to tell me how he wants to help others, instead of bringing me a list of presents he wants.