Monday, May 30, 2011

One Year Anniversary!

This past weekend was our one year anniversary, I can't belive it has already been a year!  Since Paul had a 4 day weekend we decided to spend Friday-Sunday celebrating.  I had made it very clear what I was expecting and I have to admit I wasn't too sure Paul would be able to pull it off.  We had great plans to go to Ireland for our anniversary, but Paul couldn't take leave for that long...then we had great plans to go to the beach for the weekend, but no one could tell us exactly when Paul would have off... and then, thanks to the army, the great plans were no more...or so I thought.  Friday we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, amazing!!!!  We spent all morning there walking around (I had no idea the palace would be so big, with so many different buildings!).  By lunch time we were both we went to Rollin'!  Saying I LOVE sushi doesn't really describe my obsession with that food.  When we got back I was a little upset we weren't able to stay anywhere overnight, I don't know why but staying in a hotel is relaxing.  Paul reminded me how we had wanted to but it just wasn't Sunday (our actual anniversary) rolls around and all of a sudden my makeup, some of my clothes, and Paul are missing.  I knew he was up to something...he knew how much I had wanted to just stay somewhere overnight that was not our house so he had made a reservation at the Camp Casey Lodge and had rose petals and candles everywhere in the room (just like he had the night of our wedding).  He even remembered the kind of chocolates he had bought and had them in the room too.  It wasn't Ireland nor the beach but it was so special.

One of the palace gardens

The guards in front of the palace...I was a little scared!