Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What do you do everyday?

"What do you do everyday?" seems to be the question I get asked the here is the answer, and I am so sorry if it is extremely boring, you asked.  This morning I slept late so my morning cleaning was cut short, and to be honest I am not too disappointed about that!  Morning cleaning consists of cleaning the floors, picking up stuff that gets scattered around the house, cleaning the kitchen, stuff!  After that I spent 30 minutes reading "Water for Elephants" still not done with the book.  By that time it was 11:15 which means time to start getting lunch I made green monster smoothies, potatoes, and green beans.  I usually start eating before Paul gets home so I have time to put some make-up on and look like I kinda tried to get ready.  I drop Paul back off at work so I will have the car for the rest of the afternoon (YAY!!!!).  Since I now have transportation I try and run a few errands, today I tried to go by the finance office, but it was closed, so instead I went to check mail.  I don't know why but checking mail has always been my favorite.  Even when I paid for all of the packages we get it is still like Christmas time (this could be because it can take up to a month for stuff to get here so half the time by the time I get what I ordered I have completely forgotten exactly what I ordered...).  I use this excitement to get me through a tough workout at the gym and now its 3:00 so time to go home.  Now I usually get rushed, I make a quick snack eat, do any extra cleaning that needs to be done, maybe start on supper, and pick up Paul from work anywhere from 3:30 to 6:00.  We eat supper, then he either has a flag football game or needs to study for the LSAT (I prefer flag football!).  After that we are ready to sit on the couch and watch a T.V. show, read, or talk (yeah WE aren't always so into the talking!).  That is a normal day here.  I am starting a new project, that end up taking LOTS of my time, but for now I am going to keep it a secret. ;-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They do exist!

I would just like to share my joy with everyone, and perhaps you can not truly appreciate this joy unless you have dealt with the lovely military health care system...but after being referred to an off post doctor (which took weeks to process) I spoke to a receptionist who was friendly!!!!!!  She was not able to get back to me this morning and she apologized for it.  So to all of those people who work in customer service and take responsibility for your actions and who are not lazy and who do not tell people to call back in a week and who do not give clients another number to call just so you don't have to do work...THANK YOU!