Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season

13 more days until Christmas, 12 more days until our ski trip, and here's the scary one...11 more days until our Christmas Party!  I am not sure if I feel excited or like I want to go hide under the covers and cry because of what I have gotten myself into this time.  Normally I would be beyond excited to host a Christmas Party, but this Christmas Party is not what I would describe as normal.  Paul and I decided to organize a Christmas Party for all of the soldiers in his Platoon, thankfully the other LTs have decided to help too.  However, even with all of their help the cooking has been left up to me.
You see, I know I could just have all of the food ordered and sit back and maybe make a dish or two, but that defeats the purpose of why we decided this party was such a good idea.  We are blessed, I am able to live here with Paul and our house feels like home.  Of course we miss our families, but we still have that feeling of family here.  Paul and I get to enjoy home-cooked meals every night (every night I feel like cooking that is!).  The soldiers who don't have their families here are required to live on post in barracks, and the food available here gets old quick!  So this year we are going to try and give them a Christmas meal and a few hours that will make them feel like they are back home.  This means I am cooking for 30 people, organizing games, and trying to find holiday decorations that will make plastic tables and chairs look like a family table.  If only Martha Stewart could come and help!  I know she could make it work!
But alas there is no Martha here, so I will take it day by day....My goal today: bake at least 60 cookies, hopefully more.  I am excited about this party, I will just feel better once I see it coming together.