Friday, October 7, 2011

I love Fall!!!

We found a quiet spot to eat at the Rock Festival
Fall in Korea is absolutely fabulous!  The sun is shinning, its just cool enough for a sweater in the mornings, and during the day all I want to do is be outside!  This last week we really were able to take advantage of this weather because we were dog sitting one of our favorite dogs!  Zara had a great time visiting Soyosan for the Rock Festival, I think she may have liked all the attention more than the music though!  
I have also been keeping busy working out.  Maybe its the second trimester or maybe its the weather but I have been so motivated to get out to the gym!  Swimming has become my favorite cardio (we did 32 laps tonight)!  I am still able to beat Paul rowing!  Hiking is so great this time of year I just wish I could do everything everyday!  If Korea were like this year round I would never leave.
14 weeks 4 days