Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our (Future) Bed and Breakfast

There is something about the Texas Hill Country that can melt away stress.  Maybe its the quiet, or the millions of stars at night, or just the simple, slow pace of life.  Paul and I love going there, we have planned bike rides for when we get back to the states, talked about how we can't wait to pick peaches, and of course the crystal clear rivers will be perfect for a summer swim!  That is why we should, hopefully, cross your fingers, unless something crazy happens, own a piece of it!  That is right we bought (officially its still under contract) a 10 acre lot with a very rustic cabin!
There is a lot of work to be done before it is livable, but one can always dream.  So dream I will!  Until we get the property payed off we plan to use it for camping and leasing it to hunters...not at the same time.  I can't wait until Ash is old enough to explore the creek.  We want to dig a pond on it and of course Paul will make sure it is stocked with fish.  I can envision many picnic lunches taking place there.  One day we want to build a beautiful bed and breakfast.  My very own little business!  I am already spending hours scrolling through pictures on the HGTV web-site trying to decide what would look best.  I am now finally excited to go back to The States!

Look at the view!
 This little cabin will stay until we are ready to build our dream Bed and Breakfast

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